Photo – Claudio Gärtner

ATHlete and health Enthusiast

Being an athlete is a mindset
and a way of life

left: Oradea, Romania, 1984, center: Bundesliga, 1993; right: Munich, Großhesselohe, 1991, Photos – Franz Kerek

It all started in Romania when I was six and from the age of twelve, I won multiple Romanian championships. In Germany, I turned pro at the age of sixteen and played on the international WTA tour (Women’s Tennis Association) for eight years.

I have always been working towards the same goal: to improve as an athlete, as a lawyer and as a person!

A sustainable, healthy lifestyle

Photos – Claudio Gärtner

A sustainable, healthy lifestyle – and being mindful – means to me: intentionality, not reactivity. It means consciously focusing on my own wellbeing and on that of future generations, such as my kids. Staying active and living in balance with nature. This is also why I have trained as nutrition coach.

In everything I do, I make sure I am as sustainable as possible, in the sense of being consistent and having the feeling that instead of constantly pushing the envelope, I could go on forever because I have the energy and the resources. Living a sustainable lifestyle to me means always striving to live in snyc with myself.

“Sport has the power to change the world; it is a fundamental right, a powerful tool to strengthen social ties and promote sustainable development and peace and well as solidarity, and respect. Through our unique individual skills and collective power, we can come together and share creative ways to improve our health and well-being through sport and physical activity.”

United Nations – 2020 International Day of Sport for Development and Peace

Health and Wellbeing
at Morrison & Foerster in Germany

Photo – Marta Robles Diaz @wavesandmoods, Illustrations – Victoria Arnold @victoriaandsun

Schools are where we reach children best, and the workplace is where we can reach the working population best. The work place is also the space where it has become crucial for all of us to integrate tools for self-care and wellbeing. This is becoming even more relevant as we work towards defining new policies for a post-Covid world.

Emphasizing and enabling employee health and well-being is not only paramount, but it has become an integral part of the overall idea of what sustainable living and actually thriving means.

My athletic abilities, my training as a nutrition coach, which I completed with Precision Nutrition in 2019/2020, and my courses at Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health on Improving Your Business through a Culture of Health (2019) and on Work Health and Well-being: Achieving Worker Health (2021), helped and encouraged me to create a health program for Morrison & Foerster in Germany. In it we focus on sharing moments and activities together. The program was recognized by AZUR Awards as the Most Innovative Project in the legal sector in Germany in 2020 and won second prize in Best of Legal 2021 by Wirtschaftswoche for New Work, Talent Management and Culture

At our offices in Germany, we are creating a wonderful wellbeing journey for the everyone in the office. We are building a community to which we all feel we belong, despite (or maybe because of) the social-distancing challenges, a community which appreciates the desire to work well by maintaining a healthy lifestyle, a community in which we create a pleasant work environment and do good! We have now also committed to restoring biodiversity by converting our physical activities into funds that are supporting reforestation projects.

A healthy and conscious lifestyle is the strongest driver for our personal journey towards environmental sustainability. It all starts with and within each one of us, as individuals!


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