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Exploring human potential 

What does being an Entrepreneur mean? To me, it means the space where I am growing as a person to my full potential. It is where I can nurture and experience my own creativitiy and where I have the freedom to move and live outside my comfort zones. It is the space where I experience myself in my fullest personal freedom.

With iuniti I am building a platform catalyzing and optimizing human performance for high performing organisations. It is inspired by Resources of Nature, by the Performance of Athletes and Creativity of Artists. Powered by AI and Data Technology. The iuniti Platform enables employees to recharge with new energy and make businesses thrive. 

Winning for my clients

What does Winning mean in the context of finance? To me, it means achieving the best possible result for my clients under the given circumstances of negotiation while at the same time building and strengthening the relationship with the parties involved.

I work in banking and finance law, focusing on financing mergers & acquisitions, corporate and venture finance and sustainable finance. I help mature businesses implement their financing strategies and support them in their transition towards sustainability. Young  businesses I support in setting their foundation and implementing their growth strategies.

FINANCE in the private sector is a cornerstone in our joint goal of implementing the European Green Deal and Circular Economy Action Plan. I contribute to this endeavour as a finance lawyer by helping corporations succeed in their transformation process.

As a lawyer, I see myself as an enabler, a smart problem solver and a can-do person with a hands-on approach. Work with me if you are looking for efficient, structured and straightforward advice.



  My Services


In the Corporate World:
Sustainable Self-leadership
Resilience and habits
Building Mental Strength 
Women empowerment
Change process
 For Individuals:
I coach individuals or groups
on Change Processes and
on Winning (the game) Inside 


Acquisition Finance
Corporate Finance
Guatantee Facilities
Sustainable Finance
Venture Debt Financing
Subordinated Debt



In the Legal and Corporate World:
Women empowerment
Change process
Mastery of Self
Winning Inside


In Schools:
Mentally strong children (Mittelstufe)
Mentally strong through exams (Abitur / IB)

What others say


Katrin Mohr


“If you want straightforward and rock-solid advice, call Angela. She is not only an excellent lawyer, but incredibly versatile and has a strong efficiency drive for everything she pursues, for herself and in support of others.”


Benoit Lavigne


“Angela’s experience as a professional tennis player and her interests outside of the law, including nutrition, mental health, wellbeing and personal training, enable her to bring different perspectives to being a partner in private practice. Angela’s EMBA experience means that she can think outside the box when tackling legal issues and add a more business-like approach to practicing law.”


Dr. Andrea Claussen


“I have been working with Angela for many years. I am deeply impressed by her having navigated multiple transitions and shifts in her career. Angela has an incredible ability to understand the complexities of any given situation. She is a strategic leader, highly intuitive and focused on results. She is bold, constantly searching for development and embraces uncertainty and innovation. I admire her passion for creating healthier organizations. And I deeply appreciate her dedication to fitness and sports. She is a role model for me and has inspired me on many levels. We need more leaders like her.”


Caroline Jury


“Angela is a natural communicator, direct and to the point but solution-oriented. She quickly builds rapport with her clients through her natural empathy and openness and brings them along with her on the journey. You know she will always be there for you and quickly understands the emotional and commercial drivers involved in your situation. You really have the sense that she cares – not only that you achieve your desired outcome but that you do this whilst caring for your health and mental wellbeing.”


Dr. Natalia Dobrosz


“Angela has accompanied me as a mentor since 2013. Her advice encourages me to make my own decisions in order to become a better version of myself. What is special about Angela is that she is not only supportive of my career but also very much of my personal wellbeing and satisfaction. She is genuinely interested in supporting her mentees to become better and happier people.”


Eran Davidson


“A results-driven, brilliant lawyer who works very efficiently to achieve the best possible outcome for her clients! Angela takes a broad legal and commercial perspective when approaching a client’s goal, always keeping both, a close-up and a big-picture perspective, in order to help clients to keep their focus on their central points.”

My Story and Education

I was born and raised in a Hungarian family in Romania during the communist era. I immigrated to Germany at the age of sixteen and have been living in Germany ever since.

Having played tennis in Romania since the age of six and having won multiple Romanian championships, I turned pro in Germany at sixteen and played on the international WTA tour (Women’s Tennis Association) for eight years. I always played my best when I was extremely focused and when I strategically trained my mental strength in the same way as I did my technical game and tactics – in matches when I was able to let go of everything I had trained, and played in a state of complete flow. I had tremendous mental energy and power, which made up for physical or technical deficiencies. It was not so much the adaptability to opponents that helped me win, but much more the determination and focus I had within myself. I played professionally until the age of twenty-four when I started studying law. Playing in the German Bundesliga helped me pay for my studies.

In 2010, I completed my PhD on Constitutional Law and Constitutional Courts in the Post-Communist era, comparing the Hungarian and Romanian Constitutional Courts with those in Germany, France and the US.

Constitutional law encompasses all of a nation’s history and development as well as political philosophy theories whose roots are shared with many other nations. Growing up in the communist era and studying law in a country with one of the most developed legal systems pushed me towards wanting to understand how differences arise and perpetuate.

Since 2007, I have been working as a finance lawyer. I started in Frankfurt at Linklaters LLP and worked for the Global Restructuring Group of The Royal Bank of Scotland in London in 2010. Between 2013 and 2015, I completed an executive MBA at Kellogg Business School and WHU and in 2016, I moved (back) to Berlin to become a finance partner with Morrison & Foerster LLP where I have worked until end of 2023. I now left the legal sector to become an entrepreneur and founder. I speak English, German, Romanian and Hungarian and each of these cultures are an integral part of me.

Early in my career, I realised that there are many similarities between law and tennis or professional sports in general. Both emphasise performance-related strengths like self-discipline, the capacity for hard work, optimism, perseverance, determination, concentration, striving to become better, loving and literally seeking out challenges, resilience – i.e., the ability to stand up over and over again after being defeated. Both are about competitiveness and the willingness to go the extra miles to win. In sports, the goal is the victory over your opponent – things are very straightforward, you win or you lose. In law, things are more relative. There are no scorecards, decision of cases are open to interpretations of the law and transactions are a result of compromises. Both law and sports are about achievements, about the next win and kick and level, about performance and victories. Equally, in both, law and sports, it is true that »The moment of victory is much too short to live for that and nothing else« – as Martina Navratilova said. This is why our ultimate goal and purpose must lie beyond the collection of recognitions, trophies and accolades.

I have the great pleasure of supporting a number projects which help children build their personality through sports, focus on health and include training for environmental stewardship and education.

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